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  1. Overview
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  4. Sample Maps
  5. TracMap Irrigation
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FieldMAP Farm Mapping Software

FieldMAP is an easy to use, powerful farm mapping and design software package that will enable you to draw, edit and print your own farm maps. Designed by professional farm mappers to address our needs, FieldMAP has all the features you'll need to map or design your farm layout, and is customised for farm-level mapping.

FieldMAP System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Good graphics card
  • 128MB Ram (256MB or more to load ortho-corrected photography)

FieldMAP Farm Mapping Software

FieldMAP includes all the features you need to create a farm map and then extra features for editing, subdividing, or creating an entire new farm design.

Features of FieldMAP farm mapping software

  • Easily create and modify paddocks. Paddock areas update automatically as you drag fences.
  • Quickly and easily measure distances, altitudes and areas.
  • Upload and download points too and from your Garmin handheld GPS.
  • Compatible with new Garmin GPS models.
  • Create as many layers of information as you like, such as drainage, water lines, trees, etc which can be turned on or off for printing.
  • Import and export KML files to draw or view your map in Google Earth.
  • Import ortho-corrected, geo-referenced aerial photography.
  • Draw center-pivot irrigators, pod irrigation systems or long-lateral type irrigation systems.
  • Add a key(legend) title and scale to your map.
  • Print your map.
  • Licensed for installation on two computers.
  • Show lengths of all individual lines (useful for calculating supplies for fencing, water systems, etc).
  • Parallel line drawing tool (for vineyards, orchards, irrigation and paddock/field layout design).
  • Export shape, dxf and gpx files.
  • Import shapefiles in FieldMAP.
  • Export layers into Garmin Oregon or Dakota GPS units.
  • Export maps and designs to TRACMAP headunit.
  • Export and import CSV files from other GPS units (Including high accuracy RTK GPS).

Draw a farm map from Google Earth using FieldMAP

Rather than purchasing an ortho-corrected aerial photograph to draw your map from, why not take advantage of Google Earth's imagery to draw up your farm map? Drawing your map from Google Earth photography saves the expense of purchasing a handheld GPS or sourcing an ortho-rectified aerial photograph. You simply draw your paddocks as polygons in Google Earth, then export them as a .kml file. You can import the .kml file into WMC Map which will automatically calculate areas and distances and allow you to further edit and print your farm map.

Drawing Fields in Google Earth Step 1: Draw your fields as polygons in Google Earth.

Importing into WMC Map Step 2: Import your Google Earth files into FieldMAP to automatically calculate areas.

Step 3: Edit and complete your map in FieldMAP Design to draw up a farm map similar to the map above.

FieldMAP Design System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • 256MB Ram

Sample Maps

Use FieldMAP (part of our DIY GPS Farm Mapping Kit) to draw up a map of your farm, similar to the sample below.

Farm map drawn in FieldMAP

With FieldMAP Design, you can draw your map and then overlay in Google Earth, or draw in Google Earth and then import into FieldMAP to create a map showing areas.

Import and export Google Earth .kml files

FieldMAP Farm Mapping Software for TracMap units

TracMap unit mounted on handlebars of an ATV used for shifting lateral-style irrigation

Position of irrigation systems on a farm is critical for even application of irrigated water. Often when shifting irrigation there is confusion about where the irrigator has been or where it should be moved to, leading to inaccurate placement and patchy irrigation. The TracMap system solves this problem, making irrigation shifts as simple as following the plan on the screen in front of you.

Use of the TracMap irrigation system typically delivers efficiency gains to the tune of 20%+.

FieldMAP makes it simple to draw your irrigation plan up on your PC, then load into your TracMap unit to go out and navigate your irrigation shifts accurately.

Step One

  • Draw up your irrigation design using FieldMAP software
  • Tracmap GPS Guidence

    Step Two

  • Load your irrigation design into your TRACMAP head unit
  • Tracmap GPS Guidence

    Step Three

  • Using your TRACMAP system and the newly loaded irrigation design, move your irrigation system with accurate guidence
  • Tracmap GPS Guidence

    FieldMAP free trial download

    (Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7)

    Please fill in your details on this page and press 'download' to be emailed a link to download a FieldMAP software 30-day trial.

    Please note that the download is approximately 105MB

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