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Software Updates

Install FieldMAP

Download and install FieldMAP.

To install FieldMAP, after download has finished, run FieldMAPsetup_en.exe.

Upgrade to the latest version of FieldMAP

Please make sure that you have already installed and registered FieldMAP before installing the update.

Download the latest FieldMAP update now.

To install the latest update, after download has finished, run FieldMAPsetup_en.msi.

If you get a Microsoft Managed DirectX Unhandled Exception Error you will also need to install the DirectX Update.

Garmin GPS USB Driver

Download the Garmin USB GPS driver (needed to download data from GPS into FieldMAP).

What is included in the latest updates

22 September 2016

Version 3.57

  • Fix issue opening .wmc files

13 May 2014

Version 2.199

  • Fix for "Cannot connect to license server" when attempting to register online

12 February 2014

Version 2.194

  • Fixed bug with text rotation not working

29 January 2014

Version 2.192

  • New remote control features for Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Various bug fixes

23 August 2013

Version 2.184

  • Added new tool to help draw arc-shaped polygons

2 August 2013

Version 2.168

  • Fixed issue with importing KML files with multiple polygons

19 April 2013

Version 2.164

  • Add End-gun control options to VRI Irrigator settings

7 February 2013

Version 2.158

  • Fix shapefile exporting from previous update

30 January 2013

Version 2.153

  • Add projection file (*.prj) exporting to shapefile exports

29 January 2013

Version 2.151

  • Fix issue with sending a single point to a Garmin Oregon/Dakota series GPS

20 November 2012

Version 2.150

  • Improve usability issues with Irrigation layer
  • Fix issue with map image files not being found correctly after being moved (also affected demo map after install)

4 September 2012

  • Version 2.148
    • Fix uploading points to newer Garmin GPS units

28 June 2012

  • Version 2.144
    • Fixed issue with the splash screen causing issues on certain computers

27 June 2012

  • Version 2.143
    • Fixed GPS point/layer uploading for a number of newer Garmin devices (Montana, Colorado, etc.)

20 April 2012

  • Fixed issue with merging polygon layers
  • Improved performance for large maps with Key layers

1 March 2012

  • Fix issue with US units for VRI (in rate table and polygon rate display)

23 February 2012

  • Fix key layer saving issue
  • Fix error on closing program that some users were experiencing
  • Fix errors with installer for some users

14 February 2012

  • Re-branded to FieldMAP
  • New logo
  • Changed save format to .wml (rather than .wmc) - much faster
  • Icons next to layers in layer tree
  • Introduced dragging layers to change their order in the layer tree
  • Export map to image file (jpg, tif, png, gif)
  • Modified VRI toolbar for Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Fixed issue with map not displaying on some graphics cards
  • Polygons highlight as you move mouse over them
  • Changed unit options - now able to change between a variety of measurement units
  • Able to import shapefiles in a different projection to map and reproject to the maps projection.
  • Able to select fields in shapefiles to import as polygon or polyline names
  • New tutorials online
  • New file backup system - combined as one file

22 November 2011

  • Enabled object properties (names, etc.) to be copied across when merging layers or sending objects to another layer.

28 September 2011

  • Fixed issue with not being able to export entire farm to KML (Google Earth)

2 September 2011

  • Removal of obsolete "View" mode - will now start in "Edit" mode.
  • Minor bug fixes.

16 June 2011

  • Fixed display issue for newer laptops with Intel HD integrated graphics cards.
  • Minor bug fixes.

26 January 2011

  • Fixed a bug where pressing undo when drawing polylines was not working properly.

25 November 2010

Added two new polyline features
  • Holding down "alt" key while dragging the end of a polyline will extend or shorten the line in its original direction (rather than just moving the end of the line anywhere)
  • New multiple parallel line tool to create multiple copies of a line at a set spacing (useful for designing irrigation, orchards and vineyards).

16 November 2010

  • WMC Map now able to import GeoTiff files (as long as they are in the correct projection).

28 July 2010

  • Fixed bug where WMC Map would sometimes not load kml files from Google Earth.

11 May 2010

  • Fixed bug that occurred when minimizing WMC Map in Windows 7.

6 April 2010

  • Removed WMC Standard and Design options for demo. New WMC Map sales now include all features that were previously only available in WMC Map Design.
  • Existing WMC Map standard users who wish to upgrade to WMC Map with the additional features of WMC Map design, including importing and exporting from Google Earth may upgrade for NZD $100 (plus GST if in New Zealand. Previous upgrade price was NZD $350).

24 March 2010

  • Fixed bug where some Dakota model GPS units would not download waypoints into WMC Map.

3 December 2009

  • Set default map grid to NZTM when you start a new farm map in New Zealand.
  • Changed demo files to NZTM grid (in full download).
  • Made it possible to make polygons within one layer have individual fill colours.

26 November 2009

  • Fixed bug introduced in previous update where some shapefiles would not import. Problem was mainly when trying to import shapefiles created in ArcMap. Now resolved.

20 November 2009

  • Changed help-file link to our new Web based instruction manuals which includes help in both English and Spanish.
  • Fixed bug where shapefiles may not import on Windows 64-bit machines.

12 November 2009

  • Removed black smudge printing bug which would print a black smudge where text should be for some long text strings.
  • Removed bug where scrolling mouse would tilt map over.

1 November 2009

  • Introduced WMC Map Spanish version